Pastoral Action in Residential Care Homes for the Elderly

Christian Worship and Visitation Services to Residential Care Homes in the Holt Area

Friends of Residential Care Homes

Our mission is to offer meaningful worship to residents of Residential Care Homes, to offer an avenue for these residents to grow spiritually and to include residents as part of a worshiping community. This ministry shall be led by trained volunteers who can minister effectively.
We have an increasingly aged population being kept alive by advances in medical science yet we are not apace with their mental or spiritual needs. The consequent distress and emotional gulf thus created urgently needs addressing. We Christians could be doing so much more to help.  So we are.
Many people within residential care homes are in the age group which had traditional Christian upbringings, so familiar hymns, Bible readings, topics and prayers enable them to refocus on their faith or even renew it.
Adapting to life in care is very challenging after a lifetime of independence and a whole range of emotions are experienced from abandonment to isolation, rejection, loneliness, depression, despair and fear.
People often think that because they can no longer get to church, God will forget them. It is important they are reminded of His unfailing love for them; that He cares about their every need and still wants nothing more than a lasting relationship with them. If they place their trust in Him they have nothing to fear but have a certain future and the promise of eternal life.
It is of immense importance that they are encouraged to re-establish their relationship, hope and trust in Him before He calls them home.
Our mission is to raise awareness that these precious souls deserve a level of spiritual support that must be recognised and catered for apart from their physical wellbeing.
Do not cast me away when I am old;
    do not forsake me when my strength is gone.
Psalm 71:9 
Our aim is to facilitate connection with God in our local care homes. He will meet their needs! We need to rely on the Holy Spirit to do what we cannot do.
The spiritual includes those things that lift the spirit and draw us closer to God: the beauty of creation, wonderful music and art, familiar faces and places. Accessing good positive memories from the past can nourish the spirit. For the Christian the spiritual will include worship, prayer, praise, bible reading, communion and fellowship
We need to find effective ways of interacting and communicating with people suffering from dementia in order to build relationship and trust. When a resident feels loved and secure they will respond to God more easily than if they are fearful or distressed Concentrate on using the abilities that remain: long term memory, the senses, the emotions.
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