We are a group of bible believing Christians who are from different christian communities coming together in the name of the one Church and working in unity. 
We are non-denominational in that we do not consider denominationalism to be part of our Lord's Church, but understand those that do. Therefore, we put unity and harmony near the top of our list. Our friends can and do attend any church denomination or building they want. There is more which unites us than there is that divides us, but love for all and unity has to be our prime motive. Each local group member is in submission to each other and has the freedom to explore their own vision within their community context whilst having a sense of belonging to a fellowship if they do not already have one. This model creates diversity and flexibility; while still calling our groups to promote community involvement and scriptural basics for church life . We regularly come together as brothers and sisters of the one Christian family of God for bible study, prayer, worship and praise. We also meet for social activities and outreach projects.
Any financial giving is used for the furtherance of the Gospel in various ways in agreement with the friends in Holt Christians. People not buildings.
We do not ask for membership just a commitment to each other to spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  As believers we are baptised into the one church and that is all we seek for new believers.  Our friends are free to attend whichever church they wish or remain with us or both.
Our faith is in Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the World and in Him we have our trust and our being.  We are His people.
A fresh and open community expression of Christianity that does not judge, nor operate outside of Christian love for one another.  We support and care for each other and for those people that we meet. Together, we get involved in projects where the  Gospel of Jesus Christ can be taken forward into the community. We are not a new church, but the church in action as it has been from the beginning. We do not have buildings, but meet where we want, which is often in each other's houses as homegroups, or jointly when the home groups come together in hired premises. Many of our friends attend denominational churches as well, but join together in this movement of our Lord when they feel called. As a group we are independent Christians only, in submission to Jesus Christ and to each other. We are a mixture of new, young and mature adult Christians and our earnest prayer is that others will get to know our Lord and be free to serve Him as we are seeking to do.
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  1. We are Friends of God!
    We are Friends of God!
    Are you near or far from God? Now might be a good time to consider
  2. Holt Community Cafe Association
    Holt Community Cafe Association
    Every Thursday at Holt Community Centre 1130am to 2pm. Come and meet people for meaningful conversations over tea, coffee, cake and /or a nutritious meal...We make no charge. Open to all the Community of Holt and District. See our Page for further details!
  3. Praising God
    Praising God
    We are family.............